San Diego author and professional speakerIn his 20-year career as a Navy SEAL Operator and Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ed Hiner worked in one of the most challenging team settings in the world, and acquired a diverse skillset that is unparalleled in the workplace today.  As the Training and Readiness Officer in charge of basic and advanced combat training for the Seal Teams, Ed designed the most elite organization on earth.  He developed an Ethos that captured the culture of the Seal Teams and propelled them into the future.  Ed currently works with companies to manage fear and manufacture motivation within all levels of the organization.

Ed Hiner saw nine major deployments, and commanded hundreds of strategic combat missions and operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and across the globe.  Amongst numerous other awards, he earned two Bronze Stars with “V” for valor and combat leadership.  For two years, Ed was the Executive Officer and Team Leader for the British Special Boat Service (SBS), serving with Task Force Black in a U.S. – U.K. joint commando operations unit, under JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command).  In his role as a Navy Special Warfare Training Officer, Lt. Commander Hiner led basic and advanced training for all Navy SEALs on the national level, which included strategic planning and policy determination for the SEAL community.  As a SPECAT Officer, he held above Top Secret clearance involving national level strategic operations.  He was the first-ever Navy SEAL in recorded history to be spot promoted for a combat command for the Battle of Ramadi, in an area known as Iraq’s Triangle of Death.

First Fast Fearless BookEd experienced extreme adversity during his childhood, and shares his story to help others.  His experiences led him on his current path, and gave him the desire to help children and young adults overcome hardships and become successful in their lives.  He recently founded SEALpreneurship, which is a mental toughness program based on Navy SEAL principles, developed to help today’s youth.  He is using his 23 Evolution Program to tackle the world of public education and prison reform.  Ed is contracted with Juvenile Court and Community Schools, San Diego County Office of Education.  He teaches his principle of “PHD in ME,” and uses the concept of self-efficacy to help the students gain confidence in themselves, and in their ability to own the outcome of their lives.

Ed Hiner is the Los Angeles Times Best-Selling Author of the indispensable Leadership book, “First Fast Fearless, How To Lead Like A Navy SEAL.”  He is currently under contract for his next book “GUTS,” which will be released this summer.  It is a Self-Leadership book which outlines a foundational principal and catalyst for wellness, overall performance, success, and happiness.  Ed is a frequent subject matter expert on national television news channels, and is principally featured in the 2018 Docu-Series on the History Channel titled US Navy SEALs:  America’s Secret Warriors.  He holds a Master of Science in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego, and is a dynamic Key Note Speaker for corporate events.  He speaks on topics of Leadership, Teamwork, Team Building, Culture, Ethos Development, Risk Mitigation, Managing Fear, Mental Toughness, Resiliency, and Manufacturing Motivation.  He owns and operates The Hiner Group, a Leadership and Performance Development company that conducts corporate training for businesses and organizations.