Corporate Solutions


How can The Hiner Group support your organizational goals?

Ed is pleased to partner with you to provide consulting and analysis of your organizational challenges to determine the best approach to meet your goals. Every engagement is customized to your organization’s specific issues, needs and corporate culture. Solutions may encompass a number of approaches.

F4 is The Hiner Group’s corporate learning, training and leadership program.  SEALs have a simple mantra: It pays to be a winnerF4:  First Fast Fearless...Focused exists for this purpose.

For companies and organizations, F4 is the book First Fast Fearless  brought to life at your company to turn ideas into action and theory into practice.  Extracting leadership principles from the best-seller, Ed and partners work side-by-side with companies to co-create mission-based learning, training and leadership programs to address specific corporate challenges with laser focus to achieve the simple goal of winning.  For those interested, please CONTACT US.

First Fast Fearless Book
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The High Functioning Team

What does it take for a group of individuals to become an elite team delivering outstanding results? In the world of Navy SEALs, the ability to work as a team to achieve a mission can mean life or death. The Hiner Group will share principles instilled in Navy SEAL teams that can be applied to any team desiring to excel in their own line of business operations.

Unleashing Your Full Potential

While we often have the best of intentions, the ability to stay the course becomes the challenge of our lives. Why is it that some people achieve superior levels of excellence in the face of unrivaled challenge while others lag behind? The Hiner Group will share keys for individuals, teams, and corporations to achieve their personal and professional best.